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CandW discuss Apple TV+ chances in a crowded market

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All the details of Apple’s SVOD service are now known. Has the company done enough to make it a success? New data shows it will have a tough fight in a crowded marketplace.

Chapter 1: The details of the Apple TV+ service (1:00)

Apple TV+ will debut its $4.99 a month ad-free SVOD service on November the 1st, 2019 in one hundred countries. The service will feature only original programming. It will come with a free week trial and will be free for a year to people purchasing a new Apple device.

Chapter 2:  Value outside of the Apple ecosystem (6:20)

Apple has done an excellent job of ensuring consumers that are invested in Apple products will adopt its new SVOD service. However, the value of the service to non-Apple consumers is questionable. There is no support for Android, so portability is a challenge. As well, there is no announced support for Chromecast.

Chapter 3: Online video is a crowded market (13:45)

TiVo released the latest edition of its Video Trends report this week. I review key data points gleaned from it, including:

  • The number of services consumers use
  • The growth in free ad-supported linear services online
  • The struggles of TV sites and apps
  • Conflicting data on vMVPD growth

It all adds up to a crowded market where Apple TV+ will struggle to establish its value against big competitors like Disney and Netflix.


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