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CandW discuss the 30-sec ad revival and password sharing

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Connected TVs are helping the resurgence of the 30-second ad slot and, despite what you may have heard, password sharing is not a big issue.

Chapter 1: Connected TV growth helps 30-sec ad spot (1:20)

New Extreme Reach data confirms the spectacular rise of the connected TV (CTV.) The CTV accounts for 38% of ad impressions seen by the company, far higher than any other device. The increase in CTV viewing is also helping lead the 30-second advertisement back into favor. 15 and even 6-second ads have seen significant growth in the past few years. However, in 2018, the 30-second spot surged back.

Chapter 2: Perfect storm for 30-second slot (6:30)

The reason CTV viewing is growing is due to two main factors:

  1. The number of premium video viewers continues to increase.
  2. The amount of time those viewers spend watching online is increasing.

Roku’s Q4 2018 results perfectly illustrate the impact of these two factors.

Chapter 3: Amazon positioned to benefit as TV ad dollars move online (10:15)

eMarketer forecasts Amazon could own as much as 9% of the digital advertising market by year-end. Amazon’s targeting data is better than any other from an advertiser’s point of view. Roku says that young people are all watching online on CTV but that advertisers are still spending most of their money to reach them on TV. As TV ad buyers switch online, Amazon and Roku are both well positioned to benefit.

Chapter 4: Worries about password sharing unfounded (15:00)

Data from a CNET SurveyMonkey study showed that 71% of the respondents said they would consider sharing a password with a spouse or partner. The SurveyMonkey data led some news outlets to proclaim password sharing is a big problem. A more in-depth look at the data shows that most sharing is within families and that SVOD services actively encourage the practice.


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