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CandW debate the pros & cons of the Apple TV app and TV+

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Apple hopes that the revamped Apple TV app with SVOD aggregation and Apple TV+ SVOD service can kickstart the company’s flagging TV ambitions. However, one only seems adequate and the other far short of where it needs to be.

Chapter 1: Apple’s March 25th TV announcements (1:00)

In the company’s press event, streamed live from the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino California, Apple announced a version of its TV app. It also says it will sell partner SVOD services through the app. With the help of several Hollywood heavyweights, Apple also announced a new SVOD service called Apple TV+.

Chapter 2: Apple TV app seeks to clean up the SVOD mess (5:30)

Managing and subscribing to SVOD apps can be a messy business for consumers. The TV app could be a play to clean this up.  The SVOD service is a straight, simple SVOD service.

Chapter 3: Who will use the Apple TV app? (9:30)

Is there any chance an Amazon or Roku customer will switch from the built app stores to the Apple TV app?

Chapter 4: Apple has a poor TV track record (12:45)

Apple has missed every major opportunity the market presented in the transition to online viewing.

Chapter 5: How Apple can differentiate the TV app (15:20)

It may be tough to differentiate the TV app with consumers, but there is a golden opportunity to make the SVOD store preferred by service providers.

Chapter 6: Bleak prospects for Apple TV+ SVOD (16:30)

Though Apple has some big Hollywood names producing content for the new SVOD service, the catalog of shows is likely to very thin. How can Apple get people to sign up?

Chapter 7: Data sharing with SVOD partners (20:00)

Apple stressed that customers could rely on it to keep their data secure. Does that mean the company will not share content usage data with SVOD partners?


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