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CandW discuss AT&T WarnerMedia changes, UK Britbox, YouTube ad crisis

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The AT&T/WarnerMedia saga continued this week. There was a victory in court, the departure of HBO’s CEO, and Disney’s pursuit of AT&T’s Hulu interest. The British press hopes Britbox’s UK launch will be a Netflix killer. It won’t be but should nonetheless do well. YouTube lumbers into another ad crisis.

Chapter 1: A&T prevails against government court challenge (1:20)

The government’s appeal against the decision allowing the AT&T/Time Warner merger failed.

Chapter 2: HBO CEO leaves WarnerMedia and AT&T (3:00)

Richard Plepler has resigned from his job as leader of HBO, a position he has occupied for six years.

Longtime HBO CEO Richard Plepler has resigned his position. Insiders claim differences of opinion with AT&T’s appointed WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey were to blame. Mr. Plepler has been bold in his leadership of HBO.

Chapter 3 Disney pursuing AT&T’s stake in Hulu? (9:00)

Disney is rumored to be chasing the 10% interest in Hulu owned by AT&T through its Time Warner acquisition. We discuss what Disney’s strategy with Hulu might be. Is Hulu still viable without WarnerMedia and NBC content?

Chapter 4: Is UK Britbox release a Netflix-killer? (15:30)

Britbox is a US streaming service which is a joint venture of British broadcasters BBC and ITV. The service has been successful in the US and is now headed back home for launch in the UK. We discuss why the BBC and ITV, who have been competitors for decades, should want to work together in their domestic market. Is it a Netflix-killer, as the press seems to hope?

Chapter 5: YouTube and another ad crisis (19:50)

YouTube hit yet another ad crisis. This time the unsavory content showed up in the comments of some children-focused videos. Advertisers left but can they stay away?


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