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Influencer marketing gets past adblock

With increased online clutter and the adoption of ad blockers, advertisers are having a more difficult time reaching their audience. The key, however, is through influencer marketing, by creating content audiences want to see. People are blocking ads It’s no secret that people are spending more time online. According to […]

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iFlix headed for more growth in MENA

iFlix is succeeding where Netflix flounders. Its move to expand into the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) is a shrewd one and should see success similar to its rise in Southeast Asia. A tale of two SVODs Widely regarded as the “Asian Netflix” by analysts, iFlix has undeniable similarities […]

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Netflix versus iflix

Netflix versus iflix in the Southeast Asian market

While many analysts expect Netflix to dominate the Asian landscape, as it has done in most of the western world, they should be mindful of a number of problems the video streaming conglomerate will face; namely from companies like iflix. Iflix is the largest subscription video streaming service in Southeast Asia. […]

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