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What’s to like about a ‘like’?

What’s to like about a like? Social platforms use views, likes and shares to track engagement. However, each platform calculates the measures differently, and that is big trouble for brands trying to run successful campaigns. Social media engagement measurement There are several common metrics used to track social media engagement. […]

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Instagram’s IGTV struggles for acceptance

The industry initially welcomed Instagram’s release of IGTV as a possible alternative to YouTube. Eight months later and the platform seems to be struggling for acceptance. IGTV fails to engage influencers Facebook’s Instagram has proven it can innovate and attract large numbers of users. For example, when the site introduced […]

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Social video boom in Europe during 2018

Tubular Labs released data during a presentation at Vidcon London showing just how quickly social video is growing across the continent. The data shows a 17% increase in views in the UK, a 23% increase in France, and a 32% increase in Italy during 2018. Influencers, brands vie for dominance […]

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