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Audio Podcast: Xbox One and what it means for the living room

This week Will and I discuss the Xbox One announcement. We start out discussing the features of the box and media that would be associated with it. I thought that, taken as whole, all it had to offer was simply insufficient to encourage people outside of the gaming community to buy one.

Will agreed saying it came up short, particularly in the area of the integration with pay-TV services. He thought the box didn’t envision cord-cutting, it was really to reinforce the live TV experience.

I related that the integration through HDMI pass through, the approach Microsoft is using to integrate pay-TV services, had been tried before by Google TV in association with partners Logitech and Dish. This integration between web and TV was much deeper than Xbox One is envisioning and consumers were still unwilling to pay $300 for the Revue set-top box that enable it all.

Both Will and I didn’t think exclusive content like Spielberg’s Halo would attract non-gamers either. I felt Microsoft should invest in creating an STB pitched much more directly at non-gamers that leverages the Xbox Live content.

Will still thinks there’s a big opportunity for Apple to come in and own the living room. You can guess my response to that!

Time: 16.46


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