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Audio Podcast: Consumer and smart TVs, Discovery in an nScreen World

IHS released data on consumer interest in smart TVs this week. Will talks us through the topline findings, including that though awareness of the products is very high (86% had heard of smart TVs) desire to purchase was very low (25% expressed interest in buying one.) Will speculated that cheap alternatives like Chromecast and Roku have eroded the value consumers see in built-in smart functionality.

I discuss some data that shows purchase intent was much higher just two years ago, lending credence to Will’s idea.

Ironically, the connectedness of TVs could be impeding pay-TV’s ability to leverage new robust discovery solutions. Digitalsmiths announced this week that it now counts 7 of 10 top pay-TV operators as customers of its seamless discovery platform. However, using a mobile device to search for content and then have it play on the TV is beyond most operators today.

Time: 19.20


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