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What is nScreenMedia?

This site is dedicated to the new world of over-the-top delivery of media to all the screens in a consumer’s life.
You will find:

  • commentary on current events
  • links to deep analysis of market movements
  • coverage of the important conferences and shows in our business
  • interviews and podcasts discussing events of our time

We value your opinion. If you have a suggestion to help us improve the site or perhaps an area of coverage that we have been neglecting, please let us know. As well, if there is something we are doing that you really like, tell us that too!

Colin Dixon, Chief Analyst & Founder, nScreenMedia

Colin Dixon, nScreenMediaMr. Dixon created nScreenMedia as a resource to the Digital Media Industry as it transitions to the new infrastructure for multi-screen delivery. He brings a wealth of knowledge on the Digital TV, Over-the-Top and IPTV spaces garnered from his 15 years working in those industries. Before founding nScreenMedia, he spent 7 years as an analyst and partner with The Diffusion Group. Previously he held senior executive positions at Microsoft/WebTV, Liberate and Oracle delivering products and services to the Cable, Satellite and IPTV industries.

Mr. Dixon is the author of many reports and opinion pieces including What Millennials Want from TV.  He holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering and has post-graduate business education experience from Stanford.

Mr. Dixon is a frequent speaker and moderator at many industry events such as NAB, CES, TV Connect, IBC and BroadbandTVcon.   Mr. Dixon was also nominated one of IPTV’s Top 50 People by IPTV Evangelist.

Lloyd Dixon, Analyst, nScreenMedia
Lloyd spent three years at Oracle as a Sales Engineer helping to improve SaaS CRM Customer Service software. He is a Toastmaster’s Champion and ran the club at Oracle for three years, mentoring speakers. He specializes in international and developing digital media markets after his extensive travels.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Minor in Technology Management from the University of California Santa Barbara.